Misconceptions about Self-Defense

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This is a short post about what I believe to be a misconception about those, like myself, who sometimes justify extreme measures taken in self-defense.

I frequent street fight and road rage videos where the topic of personal protection and use of force comes up a lot in the comments. As a martial artist myself, I sometimes like to weigh in. I feel this need because people seem to be arguing against each other with incomplete understandings of their opponent’s position.

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How to fix Disney’s Star Wars

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So, I was talking with a few people the other day when the topic of the new star wars movies came up. Spoiler alert: I hate them. So I told everyone present that if only Disney had the good sense to hire me that I would have written a better story with my eyes closed than the dull, boardroom approved, investor friendly, dung heap that they shoveled into cinemas.

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Government Corruption: I solve all your problems.

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Hello everybody. Sorry of not posting but I’ve been busy working on my book. However, the world can only go on so long without my wisdom before falling into the hands of evil, which seems to have been happening lately.

So, what’s on the menu today? Something as ubiquitous as it is seemingly invulnerable. You see, government corruption has been in the news for a few thousand years now and I think it is time to present some form of timely solution.

Here goes.

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Are Vaccines a Choice?

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NO: end of post.

But seriously, I feel like this whole vaccine debate has really become a mess. In many ways it has become reminiscent of the gun debate, with pro vaccine people calling the antis child hating fools and those against vaccines quoting the two studies that confirm their opinion.

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